Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't Rock the Mashed Potato Boat

Who knew that the mythical Time Machine really existed? Well, it did. And all you need to make one is some instant mashed potatoes and a box of peas.

Birdeye, purveyor of peas, tells us just how to make one. Make lots, in fact. Make a whole fleet of them, so everyone can time-travel! The Potato Boat's particular brand of chronological magic is this: it will make you think it is June. Even if there's snow on the ground and Santa on the roof. Whatever the calendar says - it's wrong!

Unless it actually says it is June. In that case, you'd better not make these because who knows what might happen.

In addition, this Time Machine on a plate is also the winner of the Most Appalling Side Dish competition at the Canned Pea Carnival: mashed potato "boats" drowning in a sea of canned peas and cream sauce.

Maybe next week we'll see if canned sweet potatoes and  little airplanes made out of ham will trick you into think it's October.

P.S. There are a few Easter ads coming up pretty soon, and they are quite - unusual. Stay tuned!


Pearl said...

Weird. Just, hmm. Weird.



A Mom said...

kind of weird but i love o try those:)

Lidian said...

Pearl - Yeah, I agree. Yeah.

A Mom - Well, then absolutely you should! I have all sorts of things I am meaning to try when I have the time (which is always about 2 years from whenever I express the thought). Like making homemade wine and canning. I don't even know why I want to can things either!