Monday, April 30, 2012

Fooled By A Soggy Toothbrush

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Please don't let yourself be like the guy in this 1930s ad, smiling in confusion and semi-darkness. And all because he let himself be taken in by a toothbrush that looks like it has been scrubbing the kitchen floor since 1892.

Those Soggy Toothbrushes are wily little things, and they know - they really just know - that on Mondays especially, they can fool you. They whisper to the toothpaste: say, I'll bet this chump won't even notice if I jump into his pocket. Then I can get out of this lousy bathroom and see the world - do a little traveling, a little living! I'll let that Dr. West's Toothbrush, the new guy, see what he can do.

The Dr. West's Toothbrush, as you see, comes with its own little plastic case so it will never get soggy. It was the very first toothbrush with nylon bristles, and Dr. West very modestly called it the Miracle Toothbrush (although of course the old, so-called Soggy Toothbrush was really the brains of the operation).

The Soggy Toothbrush was probably made of boar bristles, which was par for the course before Dr. West came along. Bristle toothbrushes had been around as early as the T'ang Dynasty (619-907) in China, and in Europe by the 1600s. But they really only became popular - like so many things we use today - in the Victorian era. Although the majority of Victorian toothbrushes were made from bristles (or badger hair if you were really being fancy) you could find the odd toothbrush made of other things. Like felt, for example.

Anyway...I hope that your Monday is going as well as a Monday can, and that you are not being fooled by a Soggy Toothbrush. Many thanks to Ad Access for access to yet another fabulous ad - you can see a bigger version of it by clicking the link under the image, if you like.

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Marcheline said...

Am still trying to figure out why being soggy is a bad thing for a toothbrush, in any case.... don't we all run them under water before starting to brush? And wouldn't sticking it in a case KEEP it wet, instead of letting it air dry after use? Hmmmm.... things to ponder on a rainy morning.