Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hypnotized By Ham

It's all about the ham in this 1940 advertisement. More, more, more!

We want more ham.

We will never get enough ham.

In fact, we are totally focused upon Armour's STAR Ham. That still point of the turning world stuff  that T. S. Eliot was going on and on about? Is actually an Armour STAR Ham. Academicians, please take note. You have some literary criticism to rewrite.

After Easter dinner, that is. If it ever ends.

Because everyone in this little family has been hypnotized by ham. They have been at it for some time now.

Are they really, truly chanting ""We want more! more! more!" Probably. I mean, look at them. These people are completely nuts.

You'll notice that there isn't anything else for dinner in this house. Just - ham. Lots and lots of ham.

Also a small Easter bunny and two eggs. All three of which are frozen in fear that the ghoulish ham fiends will finish that ham - this is inevitable, really - and cast their terrifying, beady, excessively bright eyes upon them.

The bunny is considering making a break for it. Why is he even on this table, anyway? This is just not a safe place to be.

Run, little bunny. Run like the wind.

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Marcheline said...

Y'all can have the ham... I NEED that wall paper!