Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stetsons On A Plane

"Somebody had a good idea!"

It wasn't the stewardess who thought that brown-and-white saddle shoes would go perfectly with her blue uniform.

It wasn't the embarrassed-looking Retro Ryan Reynolds who is worried about what the stewardess is going to do with the brown hat he borrowed, seemingly, from Ed Norton of The Honeymooners.

We know that it is the man the ad calls Passenger No. 5, because he is smirking. And also he says "It was a triple wife, to Stetson, to me!"

"Smart wife, smart hat, smart you!" chirps the stewardess.

Ed Norton would never buy a Stetson. Ralph wouldn't either.
Now if I was the RRR (Retro Ryan Reynolds), aka Passenger No. 6, I would hurry, as soon as the plane landed, to lose myself in the crowd created by Passengers 1-4, who are keeping their heads down and their hats well out of sight. But instead he goes on a little shopping trip with Mr. Stetson.

"Let this be a lesson to you, my floppy-hatted friend," says he. He urges Ryan to buy - well, a Stetson, of course, to replace his "moss-covered ruin." They just happen to be passing a Stetson shop, naturally. In the airport terminal. Well, I guess that could happen. Kind of serendipitous, though, isn't it?

Ryan buys the exact same hat as his fancy friend, because he likes "the little airplane pin" on it. And he's planning to sit next to Passenger No. 4 on his next plane trip.

The big version is here if you want to read the whole thrilling story.

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