Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Timely Gift: The Wristwatch

WWI-era watch
It's true that nowadays you can get the exact time from your phone, your computer, your iPod. But nothing is as nice as a traditional watch, both to wear and to give. Watches are easy to look at, a pleasure to wear - both practical and a great fashion accessory. Try wearing your iPhone as a piece of jewelry. Doesn't really work, does it? And what about specialized watches? Divers want to know how long they've been underwater, so they wear diver's watches. They don't want to go down to the ocean floor with their laptops under one arm, do they? Of course not.

1921 gloves for watch-wearing ladies
As a great wristwatch fan, I wanted to know when they were first made. You probably know that up until the early 1900s, pocket watches were what gentlemen carried to tell the time. Bracelet watches - the first wristwatches - were developed in the 19th century  - and they were strictly for ladies. Wealthy ladies, that is. The Empress Josephine gave her daughter-in-law a bracelet with a small watch set into it, in 1806. Later in the century, they were sometimes worn by ladies when hunting. But they were not a common sight.

Men didn't wear fancy bracelet-watches or wristlet-watches, as they were called. They were strictly for ladies. But then came the First World War; and when you were in combat you didn't want to be carrying a fussy pocket watch and chain. Soldiers improvised their own wristwatches with pocket watches and leather straps. And suddenly, the wristwatch was for everyone.

Watch ad from 1917
Wristwatches are really quite wonderful things. If you inherit one from a beloved family member - or get one as a special gift - you really treasure it, and know that it will become an heirloom. That's why it's also a great gift idea when you want to give someone special just the right present. And there will always be many amazing brands to choose from when you do go shopping, such as Michael Kors Watches

When I got married, my husband-to-be gave me a beautiful wristwatch with a bracelet of narrow gold pieces linked together. It was simple and elegant - and it suited me perfectly. I loved it, and wore it for many years, but unfortunately one of the chains broke and then life got very very busy (including several moves, and kids, and work - you know the drill). Well, we're still together and I still miss my bracelet watch - and of course we're both still really busy. All the more reason for needing a special timepiece! I'm thinking that it would be such a great anniversary gift for him to get the watch fixed for me. I am going to suggest that to him and I think he'll love the idea. These days I tend to wear inexpensive digital watches but that gold bracelet watch is special. I can't wait to wear it again.

[The WWI watch image is from Wikipedia]

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