Monday, April 9, 2012

Worry-Go-Round Stomach

I'll grab something when I'm through!
...and something grabbed him that night!

Mr. Grabby was a busy sales executive. So very, very busy. Yes, all day he waved a piece of paper as he sat at a table with a phone on it. All day he said sneaky things on the phone. Sure, I can get you an incredible deal on the Brooklyn Bridge. Yeah, sure. If you buy it right this second, I can also have the entire bridge coated in 14 carat gold. Oh...and I'll even throw in some - um - Danish pastries that were baked by the King of Denmark's Royal Baker. No, really! They are regally delicious, I promise you. I just ate seven of them myself.

Mr. Grabby's stomach starts to grumble and complain. Another ride on the worry-go-round, sloshing with bad coffee and semi-digested yeast.

Then that night, after another bout of "worry-go-round stomach" - after lashings of antacids and a few more cups of Brown Grit Coffee to wash the antacids down - the Thing appeared...

Yes, it was -- the Giant Hand. You know the one I mean. It's best friends with this guy's Worry-Go-Round Stomach and it is very, very angry with Mr. Grabby.

--Hey, said the Giant Hand. You're in Big Trouble. You've been messing with my friend. Grabbing crummy Danishes. Grabbing lousy coffee. Grabbing and gabbing. Well, that makes Giant Hand MAD.

--But I had to! I was busy talking on a small black phone all day while gesticulating with a blank piece of paper. It's really stressful!

--Sorry, Charlie. Let's go. I put you in big vat of Pepto Bismol. Try talking on little rotary phone while you do backstroke! [cue manaical laughter]

The moral: Never Upset an Upset Stomach. You never know what else you might upset.

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Marcheline said...

OMG! The giant hand of indigestion!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!