Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free of Fuzzy Tongue

I found this in my archives and I'm pretty sure I haven't written about it yet. If I go back too far, I probably have done a post on whatever ad it is, and just forgot it. That's what happens when you've been at the retro ads since 2008. I do have other retro things to show you, not ads, but I'm trying to sort out a main character today (it is going to take more than a day, I think) and some plot stuff...Maybe I need that writing blog after all. I just worry that I'd spend more time writing in the writing blog than wrestling with my writing, you know? Anyway, on to the perils of Fuzzy Tongue:

Wife: Why, Ben! Are you making faces at me? Or are you just choking with rage?

Husband: Silence, woman! My tongue is just fine! I've been paying our bills and licking envelopes - fifteen of 'em!

Wife: Just calm yourself, angel, and see what your wife has discovered. These wonderful new envelopes seal themselves!

Ben's wife has to show him - in some detail, it seems - just how the Self-Seal envelopes work. Then maybe he will stop making horrible faces. That is another benefit of the Self-Seal envelopes that this 1940 ad does not mention, but it is significant.

Unfortunately, the new envelopes will not cure him of saying things like "Silence, woman!" And that kind of invalidates the title, because Ben's wife is not free of Fuzzy Tongue at all - he'll be bellowing and making faces no matter what kind of stationery he's using.

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