Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Moral Powder Puff

Of course Betty Lou is going to say all kinds of crazy things, because these are her Velour Powder Puffs. And the more Velour Powder Puffs she can get us all to buy, the better.

So please listen to Betty Lou when she warns us that One Little Soiled Powder Puff Gave Him the Wrong Impression!

Even though you really have to ask yourself: how dirty is this powder puff, that a guy is even going to notice it? Did Betty Lou use it to clean off a grimy Army jeep? Did it look like she'd been using it as a napkin during last night's chili dinner? Is it an alarming shade of green, in which case he might be worried that she moonlights as a Jolly Green Giant impersonator?*

Or could it be that maybe she used it once or twice and it had - oh no! - some slightly old powder on it? Why, why wouldn't it have some powder on it, Army Guy Who Looks A Little Like Liberace? It is, after all, a powder puff!

And these sorts of puffs do get powder on them. They just do. That is why they are called powder puffs, as a matter of fact. This is not a reason to Get the Wrong Impression. Women have so much to worry about, don't they, in these ads? I know, I know, actually the guys are worrying, too. I'll try and find one of those ads pretty soon, to counteract this one. Look, we're all worrying. It's the way things are out there in the Social World.

Betty Lou thinks you will worry just a little less, though, if you'd at least buy a job lot of her Velour Powder Puffs.

*Yes, the Jolly Green Giant was around in 1942, when this ad came out...I checked, just to be sure I wasn't getting a little -- err, anachronistic. Advertising Age outlines the history of the JGG mascot, which originated in 1928; he really started laughing about canned veggies sometime around 1935, though.


Anonymous said...

I love that this is done with the same seriousness (and the same look of disgust) as war-era STD ads. "She looks clean - BUT IS SHE?!?!"

Tori Lennox said...

I don't know a single man who would notice whether a powder puff was clean or dirty. I think Betty Lou is just a tad obsessive-compulsive.