Friday, May 18, 2012

Sally's Some Cook

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You can click on the link to see the bigger version of this one, but if you are exhausted from the week (I know I am!) just sit back and I'll fill you in on why Sally is looking so dreamy and why light is emanating from her purple housedress.

It is because she can make Toll House Cookies. I have never reacted to cookie-baking in this way. You know, the light coming off me and everything. I'll bet you haven't either. And she looks dreamy because people like them. Well, they did at first. Most people like chocolate chip cookies. But it's starting to look like she's a one-trick baking pony and the cookies keep reappearing like a bad dream. We are perilously close to the point where, yes Sally! people can and will get enough of them.

Sally takes them to the bridge club. "Delicious," say the ladies, "You Must Give Me the Recipe." Uh, yeah, it's on the back of the Nestlé's chocolate chip bag, girls. It's not hard to find! Maybe they are just being polite though. Pretending it is some heirloom recipe. I'll bet they all have Nestlé's bags at home anyway.

They are everywhere!
Then Tom brings his "gang" home. Guess what they get? More cookies, of course. "Sally's Some Cook - These Cookies Are Grand," the guys say. They are so excited, they're talking in Capitals. No one has any idea whether Sally can make anything else. Tom is probably going to be getting chocolate chip cookie casseroles for dinner and Toll House on toast for lunch from now on. Sally's some cook, all right.

Then Sally gives a tea. And Sally knows what to do. Out come more you-know-what kind of cookies. If she's having any of the bridge club over for this tea, they are not going to be wow-weeing (no, that's not a real word, but it should be) about cookies anymore.

Because this is Sally's "specialty" now. People are getting worried, just a little. Where will the cookie onslaught stop? Everyone tries to avoid looking at the dozens of loaded plates all over the house. Everyone says "Such Flavor - Wonderful Housekeeper."  Even though she's got piles of cookies in the bathtub. On the mantelpiece. In every windowsill. Because it's her specialty.

And they will murmur "Sally's Obsessed With Chocolate Chips" and "We Are Getting Scared" as soon as they get outside the house. 


holly said...

I can understand why you would love cookies ..i love them too much and my kids also think am obsessed. If they are great cookies why not love them.

Mimi said...

This is how I am with jello ;-(

Marcheline said...

I've always wondered why they call them "toll-house"... I mean, like, you could use them to pay your way from New York to New Jersey? Or what?