Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Very Rice Time

LJ Vintage Ads
How was Mindy's pajama party, dear?

Oh Mom, it was great! We sat on the floor and ate cereal with milk. And then we looked at her record collection!

You mean you listened to her record collection?

Um, no...we just looked at it.

This ad from 1966 makes teenage fun look both tiresome and messy. Also kind of boring. No wonder a couple of the girls have given up and are reading some of Mindy's Tiger Beats.

When you have a sleepover - known, back in 1966, as a "pajama party" - you tend to serve fun things like potato chips and cookies and things. Not soggy bowls of Rice Krispies. Say, let's all sit in a circle with sloppy bowls of cereal and look at a pile of records. That'll be boss.

And if you do want to eat cereal, sitting at the table does make it slightly more fun. Any minute now, someone's going to tip a bowlful of milk and Kripsies all over that curious blue rug they are all sitting on. I can see a few Krispies on the rug already. And one of the girls has left a banana peel on the rug, too. Fun times.


Kath said...

...and who'd be able to get to sleep with all that snap, crackle and popping going on?

Jennifer said...

Perhaps they were planning on smoking the banana peel later?

Marcheline said...

Gross... can't believe they used this picture as an ad for anything! Four out of the six girls' faces aren't even visible, but then again maybe that's a blessing, the way this thing is going...