Friday, May 11, 2012

Wives Can Blame Themselves!

Duke University Ad Access
Wearing a gorgeous "She Learned Her Lesson" necklace (something we're all NOT putting on our wish lists for Christmas this year, or ever), the taut-faced Palmolive pusher in this charming 1930s ad wants us to know where to put the blame. Put it on yourself, that's where! Listen to this stellar dialogue from the cartoon characters on your right:

And, Mother, he never takes me out any more! Sometimes I think he's ashamed of me!

Do you think it could be your complexion, Nell? You used to have such a lovely skin, and now...

...And now you have to listen to trailed-off, unspoken insults about your mummified complexion - from your very own mother!

Thanks a lot, there, Mom. That's just exactly what Nell wants to hear. It couldn't possibly be Bob's fault, now, could it? I'll bet Bob's complexion isn't exactly the same as a velvety summer peach. And maybe he doesn't want to go out because he's tired and stressed and busy at the office. Or - wait, I know! - maybe he needs a dose of Eno's Fruit Salts. Constipation can make a person look furtive and not want to go out on the town, you know. I thought all advertisement mothers knew that.

[Also, Dr. Dafoe needs to learn how to spell, because he's turning up at the Quins' house and they don't know who he is. The Dionne Quints, who do know, probably don't miss him that much.]

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Marcheline said...

I've seen wrinkles before, but I never knew there was something called "middle age" skin that makes a diamond pattern across your forehead and throat! Will have to keep an eye out for that...