Monday, June 25, 2012

A 1930s Ritz Crackernalia

TJS Graphic Design Labs
The Life of the Party starts the ball rolling. This gentleman has been to a lot of parties before, and knows on which side his popularity is buttered.

Too bad we missed having a Ritz Cracker Social this weekend, like the one these happy and wacky partygoers from 1937 are enjoying so much. You just know that things are going to be exciting when the Life of the Party (whose reputation, apparently, depends upon which snacks he offers people) starts passing around the Ritz crackers.

Later on, the pace picked up even more. They had "jellied soup" with more crackers.

Then at midnight, "Still Going Strong," they got a "second wind" and started eating "snappy cheese" with - you know what.

Finally - at way-too-late o'clock in the morning - one enterprising young lady started passing more crackers around - while doing the rhumba.

How many boxes of Ritz do you think the hosts bought? And what kind of social circle is this, in which everyone bonds over their obsession with crackers? Even the Life of the Party is going to be sick of Ritz the morning after. He knows, after all, which side his popularity is buttered on. Next time, he's going to bring Saltines.


Joyce Lansky said...

I think what you put on the cracker counts more than the cracker itself; however, if I had a choice, I would not choose Ritz.

Marcheline said...

I've always suspected that Ritz puts a little crack in their crackers... I could sit and eat through an entire box at one sitting, even without any processed whipped cheese food or olives! Just give me a box of Ritz and an unlimited supply of milk, and watch my waist measurement increase by the minute!