Friday, June 15, 2012

Iced Tea On the Porch With Mark Twain

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Flood Wood Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thinking about doing some writing; maybe later...As you know, there’s plenty of wood outside that needs looking after now that it’s summer. And now that winter has come and gone and left all sorts of road salt, scratches and general hard wear on what was (not long ago, I promise) a lovely front porch floor. The front porch also has all sorts of railings and trim. But it has been a bit of a hard winter for the wood out there, so before I can lounge at my ease like Mark Twain, and think about all the writing I ought to be doing, I need to make sure that the wooden porch floor and trim is both looking good and is well protected against the onslaught of future weather. And I want to do it soon, so I can get out there and start thinking - and drinking iced tea (peach iced tea in particular inspires me).

So now, when we are making a list of things to do around the house (and for the house) this summer, the front porch is definitely getting top billing. So are Flood® Wood Care products, for that matter. Flood® is known as the Wood Care Specialist and has been known as such for a very long time - more than a century, in fact. The company was established in the 19th century in Cleveland, Ohio by William Flood who was a “Painter and Dealer in Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Hardwood Finishing, &c” at 68 Michigan Street, Cleveland. An 1886 guide to Cleveland’s businesses states that

No painter in the city is better qualified or equipped for satisfactory service...and a speciality is made of hard-wood finishing and polishing in all its branches....[Mr. Flood] is entirely reliable, and by his judicious and liberal management has built up a business of the most favorable character.

In other words, they’ve been doing this for a very long time and continue to be to go-to The perfect porch beverage!people for wood care - whether you were in Cleveland in 1886, or whether - like me - you have a slightly battered-looking front porch floor in 2012. If you have any wooden patio furniture, or decks, or other outdoor wooden accoutrements, you really want to consider letting Flood® Wood Care solve your wood care problems. As a matter of fact, they are having a sweepstakes right now called the Take it Easy Sweepstakes- definitely a motto that I can get behind, particularly if I can combine taking it easy with getting my porch floor shining and beautiful again.

What can you win? How about all the supplies and labor you need to prep and stain your deck or porch  - and $2000 for the best deck party ever. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? You can enter the sweepstakes by going to the Sweepstakes registration page link and completing the entry form - by the way, you do need to be a US resident and own a home with a wooden deck that’s free of damage, and you also have to be older than 18. Make sure you enter by July 15, 2012 at 11:59 pm, too. I wish you lots of luck and - whether you win or not - a wonderful summer on your deck or porch - with plenty of iced tea, of course.

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Joyce Lansky said...

I've seen a lot of these wood signs. Now I think I get it. Hope they paid you. ;)

Marcheline said...

Hey, thanks! They didn't specify the size of the wood deck (mine's about four by five feet) so I entered! I could sure use the 2 grand...