Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Like A Fancy Restaurant

What sort of restaurant will you imagine yourself to be in, when you are confronted with Ann Page's Ham and Cucumber Salad from the summer of 1956?

There are many things hiding in that Sparkle Lemon gelatin in its "golden mantle of Ann Page Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing," you see. So perhaps you are at a smorgasbord, where you will want to take a little of everything on your plate. This is not a problem with Ann's salad because you can sample the entire contents of your fridge just by helping yourself to a nice big slice of this stuff.

Or maybe we're supposed to imagine we are at a really fancy buffet. One where you can get fancy things like ham, cucumber, celery, olives and "a smidgin of spice" (known in less exalted culinary circles as dry mustard). Oh, and also some pimientos, grated onion, dill pickle and a hard boiled egg.

Just one egg, though. Don't try to put more than one hard boiled egg in this, it won't work. The Lemon will not Sparkle if you do.

This ad helpfully mentions some of Ann Page's other fine products (Ann, as you probably know, was the fictional mascot of the A &P grocery stores' house brand). Look down at the bottom to find a litany of Ann Page beans, macaroni, peanut butter, spaghetti, ketchup, tomato soup and pudding. Feel free, Ann implies (well, not really, but she might as well!) to add any or all of these to that fancy Salad of hers for even more dining-out allure. See what the restaurant critics make of that.

You can examine this in a larger size, if you dare, over here.

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