Thursday, June 14, 2012

The League of Canned Meats

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Perhaps the name Babsie is supposed to tell us that the heroine of today's offering here is - well, a frothy, nightclubbing, good-time sort of gal. Otherwise she'd be named Betty, as in Betty Crocker. Gals named Betty know about how to save money while wowing company with their amazing dinners. Babsies, alas, do not.

Oh yeah, you might be saying here, what about Betty Boop? The exception that proves the rule, of course. Furthermore, her surname is a clue to her lack of practical skills. Crockers know about - well, crocks and pots and things. A Boop, on the other hand, does not. Babsie is probably a Boop. Or at least a Boop-in-law.

Anyway, Babsie's husband Eric is greatly annoyed about the high food bills. You got some 'spainin' to do, Babsie! But the day (and evening) are saved by Babsie's friend who signs her up for the League of Time and Money Savers. Instead of the League of Women Voters* - get it? Yeah, that's swell. We get it.

Babsie also gets a boatload of Libby brand canned meats (Libby is another Betty-like name, very sensible) and serves them sliced on a plate for her next fancy dinner. Surprisingly, this is a tremendous success. Wow, Babsie, you are an incredible cook! I guess she made those lettuce cup thingies, though. What on earth is in them, though? Cottage cheese with an single olive for an eye, it looks like. Cyclops Cups, yum.

And also assisted by Babsie!
"You're a clever woman, Babsie," says one of her guests. If that's clever, I guess we're all total geniuses, right? I feel better already. Or I will as soon as I stop looking at that plate of pink sliced canned meats.

* Founded in 1920 by Carrie Chapman Catt and many other suffragists of the era...Fun distant-cousin fact: My great uncle's cousin (yeah, I know, that's about six times removed from me - but still!) was one of the founders of the League of Women Voters in New York State. Here's a New York Times article about the League in New York.

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