Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Own Private Pentagon

"Bye for now," says the man of the house as he retreats into think tank. Though it dominates a room, it can be quickly disassembled. At left, Isaacs contemplates interior collage.

Ken Isaacs is the guy who invented this must-have featured in Popular Science back in November 1970. But I am not sure if he is supposed to be contemplating in there. It is called a Meditator. So what you do is meditate.

What do you meditate on? On the collage, you see. You choose magazine photos that are "chosen for [the] response they stimulate."

The best part of this was that you could say things like "I'm going to the Pentagon now!" -  and everyone would think you were a big deal in national politics. How impressed all your friends would be, as long as you never let them see what you had in the living room.

And really all you were doing was going into a little cardboard thing in the den to stare at a lot of cut-out pictures of sports cars and fancy hi fis and martinis.

Ah, I see that Modern Mechanix has also blogged about this.  And some other folks too; most recently, here. Including the Pop Sci archives.

But I found this by chance, while looking through the magazine for something else (retro wine racks, the subject of the latest over on Cinnamon Moon). I had no idea this had been Already Done. Sigh. I think I need my own Meditator, plastered with photos of obscure ads and things that no one's written about. I'll be getting right on that, I think.


John said...

I want one but once inside I think I'd just curl up and go to sleep :-)

Marcheline said...

OMG... WTF.... LMAO!!!!

We know the real deal - it's the only way to completely escape that horrific green carpeting! 8-)