Friday, June 29, 2012

The Mysterious Mood Links of 1949

Found In Mom's Basement
The question, of course, is: do we want to hear this guy's happiest whistle? How about his slightly less happy whistle? Or his unhappiest one? Maybe, in fact, we do not want to hear him whistling at all, for any reason.

But let's pretend, for a moment, that we do. That his Happiest Whistle opens some secret door in the mysterious mansion, behind which is a safe full of cash and antique jewelry and Treasury Bonds and things. Or perhaps that whistle is just the sound needed to summon a Magic Pastry Cart full of unutterably delicious cakes.

In that case, we'd better hand over some Kreisler Craft Change-O-Color cufflinks on the double.

This is like a Mood Ring, only in 1949. They're Mood Links! They change color to match his outfit, the ad tells us. If only his outfit changed colors to match his mood. Then maybe we could hear his Unhappiest Yell. Or his Slightly Less Happy Snort of Derision. Or maybe we'll just sneak away quietly, while he's playing with his cufflinks. Yeah, let's do that. Make sure you grab something off the Magic Pastry Cart before you go.

A thousand (and Happiest!) thanks to Janet at Found In Mom's Basement, where I first saw this glorious ad; and also to Vintage Madison Avenue, where Janet found it. Both of which are truly wonderful places to visit if you love old ads as much as I do.

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Marcheline said...

Egads... as if this guy would actually have a WIFE? Methinks perhaps not. HA!