Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Splendid Summer at Wrightsville Beach

Beaches - especially those located on islands - are my absolute favorite kind of vacation places. If you can also throw in some history  - and a cold drink, a good book and a delightful house to stay at  - I am particularly happy. So I'm looking at Wrightsville Real Estate For Sale with an eye not only to the gorgeous houses available, and the white sandy beaches, but also because Wrightsville has some amazing history.
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina is an island community near the city of Wilmington, and it's been a resort area since the 1880s. In other words, about the same time as Coney Island, Martha's Vineyard, and all sorts of other seaside vacation places were getting in the swing of things. As with Coney Island, it was the railway lines that brought people out to Wrightsville in the late Victorian era.

By the early 1900s, the train was replaced by a beach trolley - which I want to go on when they invent the time machine. I have quite a long list going by now, of places I want to visit, and Wrightsville is on there for sure. In the early 1900s there was a band pavilion called the Lumina there, which also showed silent movies (as you can see in the postcard on your right, which is from Wikipedia). I think that they people are sitting on the edge of the pavilion area, by the way. I love how they've placed the  - not a drive-in  - the swim-in? - movie screen right on the shoreline.

The advertisement on your left is from an 1889 periodical, and though I wish it had pictures, it sort of paints a picture with all those fancy words, doesn't it? And it sounds quite fabulous: Magnificant Groves, Mammoth Pavilions, Splendid Sailing and Bathing (in surf or still water yet), a Band of Music - and soft shell crabs, which I have had only once in my life (alas) and long to have again. More reasons to go to Wrightsville, I say.

When I do get to Wrightsville, I plan to visit the local history museum (housed in a vintage cottage) as well as Johnny Mercer's Pier - not to fish off of, though you can do that, but to walk out on and get close to the sea and sea winds (which I love). But best of all, I've got the perfect place to sit and read - look, it's just there on your right. You can enjoy the fresh salty air, and sip some ice cold lemonade in one of those lovely Adirondack chairs. Let's go right now!

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