Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Car in the Kitchen

Post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.
Meet Albert Pelzel and his family. He was an auto mechanic back in 1921 who wanted very much to build his own car. However, he had a problem: no place to build it. No workshop. No garage. No space!

No problem, though. Mr. Pelzel built his car in the kitchen out of the motor and wheels of a motorcycle, the hood of what Popular Science (July 1921) called “an extinct flivver. ” He made the car body from the roof of a freight car from an old train. It all cost under a hundred dollars. Mr. Pelzel got the car out of the kitchen after this charming photo was taken, by removing the wheels and axles, and easing the car body out the kitchen window. What we don’t know: what Mrs. Pelzel thought about her husband using her kitchen as a garage.

It would have been a good idea for the Pelzels to insure their unusual vehicle, but as we all know finding just the right insurance company can be as tricky as - well, as getting a full-sized car out a kitchen window. Happily for residents of Ontario, Canada, Insurance Hunter - an online, 24/7 insurance brokerage site - makes it a simple matter to find exactly the right Auto Insurance, home insurance or even insurance for travel.

You will save time and money by using Insurance Hunter, because it’s serving you, not the insurance companies. It gives you the best information based both on their research and on the results of a short questionnaire that you fill in online. Insurance Hunter beats its competition because its an independent brokerage that’s there to help you, not the insurance companies. And because it’s online, you can use it any time, in the comfort of your home. Your information is secure, too, since they use VeriSign security.

It’s really convenient and easy to do the Insurance Hunter questionnaire - I tried it out for Car Insurance and it’s quite simple. You fill in information about your car or home, wait a bit, then get three quotes in about three minutes. I also really liked the Knowledge Center which has some great articles with tips about things like avoiding traffic on Ontario highways (a very good thing to know how to do!) and how the make of your car is a factor in determining your insurance rates. I didn’t know that, by the way.
Anyway, do check them out and try it yourself - it’s a great service.
I wonder what the rates are for a car you've built in your kitchen? I’ll bet they could even tell you that, too.
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