Friday, July 20, 2012

Cleaning Up Your Act

Keeping the house clean - oh yeah, that. Whenever I look up from my writing, or come back home after being out and about - I remember it. The carpet that our beloved grey cat has rolled on, shedding silvery fluff everywhere. And how about those dishes? And the laundry. And the floor! Oh heavens, the floor. I can assure you that I do not look quite as effervescent as the lady in this wonderful 1955 ad. She is entranced with Flor-Ever vinyl tiled floors, but - even though I like my floors just fine - they don't make me laugh and throw the cleaning brush in the air. No sir.

Having said that, I do feel quite virtuous after I clean stuff, and in the end it isn't that bad...and doesn't take all that long, especially if you have the right supplies on hand.

We all need a few excellent housekeeping and cleaning supplies and probably a pair of protective cleaning gloves, too. I remember my mother had yellow rubber gloves that she wore to do the dishes every night, and I probably should think about getting some for myself. They can really keep your hands looking smooth (this is crucial, especially when you're in your 40s like me!). And the right cleaning supplies can help you get jobs done in a hurry - like special brushes and scourers for dishwashing, special dust removers and rechargeable vacuum cleaners.

Happily, you can now order all this stuff online - which is not only convenient and quick, but gives you an excuse to get back on the computer. The laundry can wait ten more minutes, after all.And while you're doing some virtual shopping you can also get some fun household supplies, like Scented air fresheners. I love deciding whether I want the atmosphere at home to be like lemons or lavender or perhaps Sweet Orange. A great scent in the air is the perfect finishing touch to a clean house. I might even toss a sponge up in the air to celebrate that!

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