Monday, July 9, 2012

Curb Your Juice Enthusiasm

This ad, starring a happy disembodied head and some canned juice, is from 1946 - and is in the same genre as the canned juice ad  we checked out last year, starring the maniacally grinning family at the breakfast table, overjoyed with their juice.

So I guess the canned juice manufacturers ran out of concepts pretty fast. Let's just push the idea that a glass of juice at breakfast = life-changing, thrilling happiness.

How they got those half-oranges and half-grapefruits to stay on the toothpicks without upending the glasses, I don't know. Maybe they are supposed to be slices, but the shading suggests that these are half-fruits. And spilled, sticky juice will not make anyone happy, at breakfast or any other time, am I right?

Also if the juice is going to be distributed by a floating head, my first reaction (especially early in the morning) isn't going to be Brand-New Enthusiasm. I'll be startled into next Tuesday and running for the coffee pot. Probably will upend a few juice glasses on the way. That won't make anyone happy.

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A Mom said...

nice site! happy to be here!

Marcheline said...

Ha! I thought the fruit was on toothpicks, too... but I think they are disembodied fruit halves, tilting to pour their juicy goodness into the glass, so that people everywhere will WAKE UP to the JOY of BREAKFAST.

As for me, I'd be happy if people just woke the @#*( up.