Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Squeekie

Duke University Ad Access
Squeekie is the unfortunately-named Dear Abby of Wildroot Liquid Cream Shampoo, in this 1949 ad.

She got her nickname because the shampoo makes her hair squeaky clean. Not because of her telephone voice or the fact that her face looks slightly...mousy.

She wants to tell you not to break dates when a better one comes along. No, don't do that. Especially when Bachelor #1 is standing right behind you. Because he'll figure it out. Eventually.

Also, both dates will like you better if you don't double book. Squeekie is probably telling the other guy to meet her after Smiley takes her to dinner. She'll just tell him she needs to go home and...wash her hair! Just like she does every New Year's Eve.

Wildroot was much better known as a Cream Oil which was what mid-century guys used to slick back their pompadours. It contained beeswax and lanolin. The tag line was "A little dab'll do ya." Because a big dab'll make you look like you dunked your head in a vat of molten Crisco.

And then you won't be Squeekie clean. And Squeekie definitely won't break any dates to go out with you.


veg-o-matic said...

Actually, "A little dab'll do ya" was the slogan for Brylcreem. Wildroot's was "You better get Wildroot Cream Oil, Charlie...", though they never explained exactly who Charlie was.

Christiana said...

Just stumbled upon your this and I love a good Brooklyn-vintage-NYC-history-inspired blog! I recently moved to Brooklyn myself and I am stoked to continue learning about this super unique place.

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