Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photograph Albums That Tell Stories

I love old photographs and photograph albums; always have. My grandmother owned three little Victorian, plush-covered and leather-covered albums, where all the family photos were kept in beautiful order. They are still in the family, and I have copies of some of the photos in them. I treasure the mountains of more modern family photos we have, too - in albums, yes, but not quite organized in the way I dream of.

I have a Victorian album full of cartes de visite of people whose names I don't know, but whose pictures also tell a story. It's a beautiful bronze leather album with gold embossing on the cover, and bronze-colored hinges. I've been meaning to piece together the story of the people in it, for years; someday, when I have more time, I will. Every photo album has a potential story line, you know - it's just that some are more beautifully written, as it were, than others. That is to say that it's the crafting of the album, the details that go into it, that really help tell the story - whether it be of a wedding day, a special party or anniversary. For me, though, the story I want to tell is about a chain of special days and moments that stretch backwards through time.

Let me try and explain.

Aunt Augusta and Uncle Gilbert get married, 1897
As a long-time genealogist, it's my dream to create an album that tells the story of our family history. I want to see how their story unfolds as the decades and generations pass, from my stern-looking Irish 3rd great grandfather, glaring out from an 1850s tintype, to the group of aunts and uncles who arrived in New York from Austria-Hungary in the 1920s - with all the celebrations of Lutheran weddings and Methodist camp meetings that came in-between.

I know how much work it takes just organizing photos into an album - never mind finding just the right kind of album, with all the right details. If you would like to have a gorgeous, customized photobook made for you out of your wedding, anniversary or other special family photos, you can find places online that make photobooks just the way you want them to look, but didn't realize it. The links will take you to just such a place that is not only user-friendly and offers trade discounts to professional photographers - but also provides full proofing online. With their help, you can create the stories of your life - and those of your family, your relatives, your ancestors even - with some expert help, just the way you want them.

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