Monday, July 16, 2012

Retro Sherbet Coolers

Here are some Meadow Gold sherbet coolers from July 1953 - we have the Orange Blossom Float, the Hawaiian Pineapple Cooler, and the South Sea Lime Cooler.

I have to tell you, I rather like these, even though as a rule I've never really liked commercially made sherbet. Too sweet, for one thing. But these look good. It's the hottest July since I can't even remember when and I like anything in a tall cold glass, really.

The ad says you could either make these at home or ask for them at the local soda fountain. Our local soda fountain back in the late 60s didn't do this kind of thing because it was a New York candy store that had been there since the 1920s and mainly what they did were egg creams. But those were really good. Milk and chocolate syrup with a blast of seltzer that gives it a head that looks like whipped egg-white, hence the name. 

I need to find a good egg cream ad, really. But until then, there are these coolers. Beatrice Cooke tells us how to make them, if the soda fountain isn't nearby. I couldn't get this to scan any larger but here's the basic formula:

For each cooler you need to take 2 cups of orange* or pineapple juice (or 1/2 cup of lime juice and 1/4 cup sugar) and pour equal amounts into four chilled glasses. Then fill the glasses 3/4 full with sparkling water (you'll need a quart of this). Mix 'em up and top with scoops of sherbet (2 pints' worth).  Stick a slice of the appropriate fruit on the glass. Then add a maraschino cherry, because that's what makes soda fountain treats fancy. Except not for the orange one. Add mint leaves to that.

By the way, Beatrice Cooke is still out there, dispensing recipes and advice - I think she might be Betty Crocker's cousin. Her site is right over here and now she concentrates more on milk and cottage cheese, but she is still pretty snappy. There are some nice links to retro Beatrice ads there, too. She seems to have broken up with Meadow Gold, who have been around since 1897 and whose site is over here. I don't know what happened but I guess Beatrice wanted her own piece of the named-for-ME-company pie just like Cousin Betty. Oh, and the artwork in the ads is by Mary Blair (1911-1978) who did a lot of work for Disney back in the 50s and was declared a Disney Legend in 1991. She illustrated books and painted, too. She got her very own Google Doodle for her birthday in 2011.

*You're supposed to mix in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with the orange juice, I don't know why. It's just good, that's all. Beatrice Cooke says so. So just, you know, do it.


Amanda said...

This actually looks pretty tasty to me. And the Mary Blair illustrations are just plain cute. Maybe it's the heat getting to me, but I actually might try this one.

~~louise~~ said...

Oh what I wouldn't do for a New York Style Egg Cream!!! I'm afraid these coolers aren't a very good substitute for an Egg Cream but they do sorta kinda look somewhat refreshing!

Thanks for sharing, Lidian...

Sherry Wray said...

Oh Yummy..... said...

MMMMM tasty :))) I will try them :)

Lisa said...

The picture really makes it-- I was thinking "Sherbet! No way, no way." But another longing look at the illustration and I may be sold on it.