Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Salad Serenade

Are you ready for another disturbing gelatin salad? Here's one that might make you want to sail away in a hurry: Regatta Shrimp Salad. With Real Mayonnaise! Yes, they will be serving this on all the fanciest yachts this summer. Because it is fresh and tangy as an ocean breeze.

Sometimes, though, the ocean breeze is just salty and fishy. As for this salad? Hard to say.

However, bandleader/musician Jimmy Dorsey liked Regatta Shrimp Salad, as we see in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune (of June 7, 1942). Local grocers were apparently featuring something called the "Salad Serenade." I don't know if that involved music or mayo. Or perhaps both. It was a promotional Thing in the early 1940s in some other places, too, like Tuscaloosa and San José. Anyway, Jimmy D. liked Regatta Shrimp Salad a lot.

Jimmy Dorsey, jellied salad expert
If you must know, it consists of lime gelatin in which chopped cucumbers and radishes are suspended. It is then surrounded by bulwarks of mayo-stuffed tomatoes and some defeated-looking little shrimp. It is also suspiciously like that Green Grotto thing we looked at on Monday. Coincidence, I promise. I'll try not to feature another Green Jellied Thing later in the week.

You can see a larger version of this here, if you dare. You can enlarge it a bit and see the exciting cartoon story of just how Pamela learns from her friend Mae that only real mayonnaise is wonderful and fabulous. She is "amazed" and tells some dork named Joe that she is going to go stock up ASAP. He says "Okay kid, I could go for a lot of salads like Mae's!" I can just hear him trying to say this in a Humphrey Bogart voice. This would kind of put me off, if I was Pamela.

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Marcheline said...

Wow.... went to the link ... RITA! Gorgeous thing.

Back to green gelatinous grossness... I'm still confused as to what, exactly, the mayonnaise is supposed to be eaten with/on. I mean, do you spread REAL mayo on gelatin? Dunk your shrimp in it?

I think that guy is a little too taken with Mae's "salad". I'd watch him closely at the next regatta if I were Pamela.