Friday, July 27, 2012

So That's How It's Done!

Have a faultless, smooth crispness on every article in the week's wash - and use less starch to do's easy to do when you know the simple secret. You'll find it in an astonishing little booklet "A Little Bird Told Me."

Har har. "A Little Bird Told Me. " Because this stuff is called Robin Starch, get it? That's also why your iron will apparently sprout wings. Hopefully it will not also start chirping and flying around the house leaving little droppings everywhere (they would, of course, be little blobs of starch).

Well, a little bird told me that I wouldn't have wanted to be doing the laundry back in 1940. I suppose it would be all right to starch napkins and tray cloths. Not that I have any tray cloths as such. And I don't tend to fold the cloth napkins into fancy shapes that require starch.

But starch every article in the wash? Everything? Socks? Underwear? Seriously? They can't mean that.

Also, just take a look at how much Grouping, Mixing, and Dipping you are going to have to do if you use Robin Starch.

No, thank you. If I do any Grouping, Mixing, and Dipping it is going to be at a party and only at a party. Only not if there's any laundry starch in the chip dip.

This ad is from a 1940 Woman's Weekly, an English magazine, the one I found in the basement of a secondhand bookstore lying on the floor very sadly without a cover. Someone had to buy it and take it home, so I did.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I had a roommate who ironed her undies. No kidding.

Needless to say, I moved out.

Marcheline said...

I've heard of other people ironing underwear, but seriously... life's too short. Better spent doing important things like surfing the web for vintage linens! That I will have to iron. *wink*

Lidian said...

Susan - Good move!

Marcheline - I am terrible at ironing, but my DH is great at it so he does it (not often, but when Absolutely Necessary). I am following my dear grandmother's advice. She was so good at darning socks that she ended up doing all the darning for her mother, father and 5 siblings. So her theory was, later in life, not to get too stellar at the more annoying household jobs because hey presto, you'd just end up spending your life darning socks. I guess also starching and ironing them, too.

A Mom said...

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