Monday, August 20, 2012

A Cheap Salt Trick

In the Depression years of the 1930s there were a lot of ads about saving money - and wasting it. Usually the husband would complain about the bills and the wife would find some amazing product that was also cheap and emerge, in the final scene, triumphant.

But perhaps in real life people weren't arguing about the price of salt, exactly. As opposed to all the other things on the grocery list. But here we have a rather charming Morton's Salt ad in which the wife gets her own back by purchasing Bargain Salt.*

You see, when the guy thunders that she must cut down! he probably means get cheaper cuts of meat or fruit that's in season, things like that. She focuses instead on the salt. And she buys Really Cheap Salt.

In scene 2, the husband is horrified and upset about salt clogging the salt cellars. What in tarnation! Well, dear, you said to cut down on spending. I love the look on her face - she is absolutely chortling. "Don't complain dear," she says, barely holding back the giggles. "It's a new kind that saved me a couple of pennies!"

And after that, she goes back to the store and spends money on a second container of salt - Morton's, of course, this time. And in the end the wife triumphs, thanks to Morton's. Although the husband gets to deliver my favorite line, "Now this is salt that is salt!" Yes, sir, that's exactly what it is.

She also seems to have turned into a giant Disembodied Head, grinning and feasting mentally on her salty revenge. Ha! He'll never call her a Waster again, will he? He wouldn't dare, not with that gigantic head chuckling at him as it hovers over the dinner table.

From Vintage Ad Browser.


BrSpiritus said...

Meh, salt is salt and prefer Celtic Gray myself, now there's a salt that will clog your saltceller... which is why you need a salt pig (oink oink). The 30's seems to have been a high time for comic strip ads with the situation always being salvaged by buying x product. I have to share the birds eye veggies one I have, it's so sexist it'll make your head spin.

Marcheline said...

And let's not forget that whatever problem arises, it's ALWAYS THE WOMAN'S FAULT!

Dude, I nearly fell off the chair laughing with that "Now this is salt that is salt!" line... as opposed to all that other salt that isn't salt, you know... jeeeeeeez! Someone got PAID for writing that ad copy!

Great stuff!

bing said...

what a funny ad! the ads before appear a little plain but gets to the point!