Friday, August 24, 2012

All's Prell That Ends Prell

LJ Vintage Ads
Well, I like Prell shampoo, too. But not this much.

Prell and Herbal Essence were the two main emerald green shampoos you had to choose from back in the 1970s (this ad is from 1960, though). I liked Herbal Essence, myself. I'm not sure that they used any herbs in the making of it (I suspect not) but it was evocative in the same way that Coty Rare Earth herbal solid perfumes were. I loved those, too. They should have made those for a few more years so I could have stocked up. I use solid perfume now, too, only it comes in a fancy little carved compact thing and you can't get it in the drugstore.

But about the was first made by Procter and Gamble in 1947 and came in a tube or a bottle - still does, in fact. It's supposed to be a good clarifying shampoo, too. Gets all the hairspray et al off your hair. This is great for me since when it is humid out, I need to use all kinds of potions and hairsprays to tame my - how shall I say it? - my ebullient hair.

But even so, I would never think of quelling its vivacious nature in a lather wig. I might drench my hair in Liquid Prell luxury, but always give it a good old rinse. Someone needs to tell this dame to do that, too. Wouldn't the lather start dripping, anyway? And it would get all over those fancy emeralds. That's no good.

Unrelated Note: Am working on the Case of the Missing Flickr Images...I know, I know. There are a lot. Actually now I've asked the Flickr Powers That Flickr very sweetly if I could just revert to a free account, which ought to fix matters (I hope so, anyway).


mamafrog said...

Man, I really miss the old Herbal Essence! I used to get comments all the time when I used it about how good my hair smelled! There is a copy at a website that specializes in tracking down stuff like that, but I don't know how it works or smells. The Herbal Essence they sell in stores makes my head itch seriously so I can't use it anymore. It smells different too.

Marcheline said...


Goddess said...

The only time we ever bought Prell when I was growing up was as a tried-and-true grass stain remover. I don't know if that was a common use or not, but in my family, from grandma on down at least, it was, "Oh you've got a grass stain. Better get some Prell." Whether it worked better than any other shampoo or soap, I have no idea. On my hair, however, Prell made it feel like wool. (It's pretty coarse and woolly anyway.)