Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Date With A Nut

LiveJournal Vintage Ads
Ready for lots of spooning? Date with a Nut is dreamily creamy, deliciously nutty and heavily dated. bet you'll fall head over heels in love!

Oh, 1962 copywriter, you are so funny and risqué. I don't ever want a Date with a Nut, though. Is the line drawing supposed to be the Date ? I think so. This is not what I want to see when I show up at the coffee shop or open the front door, you know.

Nevertheless, the actual ice cream does look really good. I don't think it was around for that long though. There are a lot of good ice cream flavors that they don't make very much - or at all - anymore. Like peppermint stick, and pistacchio, and rum raisin. Rum raisin was made in the form of a genuine frozen custard, at least it was on Cape Cod back in the late 60s. That was terrific stuff.

What are your favorite obscure or obsolete ice cream flavors?


Writing Nag said...

This brought back some memories I had forgotten about Sealtest ice cream...I loved their holiday only peppermint stick as well as Fudge Ripple.

Pat said...

Gifford's in Maryland used to make this fabulous Lemon Chiffon - it was lemon ice cream, not sherbet, and it was amazing!