Thursday, August 9, 2012

George's Gingerbread

Well, if this cake mix is good enough for George Washington, it's certainly good enough for the rest of us, don't you think? You can see how pleased he is over in the top right hand corner of this 1951 ad - raising his teacup and giving everyone a little Presidential wink. I think he especially likes the touch of putting cherries on the top, don't you?

Of course, the name Dromedary makes me think of - well, camels. Not of George Washington so much - or of his mother, whose recipe this gingerbread mix was supposed to have reproduced exactly. I checked a few colonial-era recipes for gingerbread (not Mary Washington's specifically, but still) and I doubt that there was any pearl-ash (potasium carbonate, that is, which was used to leaven breads and cakes before they invented baking powder) in this mix. Or grated lemon peel. But if George Washington is pleased - and I think we can safely say that he is - we won't quibble.

Now, if you didn't agree with George, you could check out any number of different gingerbread mixes - all kinds of cake mixes, in fact. From the 1950s on, there have been loads of different mixes on the market. In fact, there is a lot of every kind of product and item now - so many things you might want or need to buy, at so many different prices. And figuring all that out is not as simple as adding water to a gingerbread mix, is it?

Well, you can say what you want at the price you want for products and services at - an online negotiation platform that lets you tell sellers the price you're willing to pay for - well, anything you want, really. Then just sit back and wait for the sellers to come to you with offers. It's a really fun way to do a little virtual bartering, so do check it out. It will have you feeling as pleased as George Washington after a piece of his mother's best gingerbread.


Janet Rudolph said...

Love this... well, you know I love those retro ads.. Would it be ok to share this on my blog? said... good site, good service, fast shipping.

Marcheline said...

Drooling... I love the way they used real whipped cream in the picture, and it's melting in little rivulets down the sides... are those cherries on top? Gooseberries? What? I do love me some gingerbread.