Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lipstick Math

LJ Vintage Ads
Everybody, please get out your pencils and let's do a little 1970s ad math: Gala Lip Pens are to lips what minis are to legs.

Well, minis let your legs sort of hang out there. And that's OK if you have good legs. And not that great if you don't. It kind of depends on that. Plus it also depends on whether you're comfortable having your legs hang out. Maybe you are, maybe not. So, um....it depends.

I don't think I'm going to get a good grade on this test, you know. But given the situation we have here on the right - maybe I don't even want to be taking the class.

If you want to catch the attention of a 70s guy (of the David Cassidy Wannabe subspecies) in a wet-look black shirt who is sporting 700 gold chains and whose strong points do not include eating spaghetti nicely - well, the Gala Lip Pen is just what you need. It's something to think  about before you buy one.

But the rest of us might need some other motivation if the Gala of London folks want us to rush out and buy their cosmetics.

Actually now that I am really taking this ad in, I'm noticing that the girl has an equally shiny shirt. They look identical, actually, except for their being different colors. What's up with that? Are they already acquainted and dressing alike (in which case the Lip Pen is not really necessary)?

And also: she is turning away from him as she puts the lipstick on. I am getting a distinct Distancing Vibe from her, in fact. And i sympathize. I'd definitely be turning away from what's happening with that spaghetti, too.

One final point: the spaghetti seems to be in a small cereal bowl. And because I am drawn to peculiar small details in ads (and lots of other things, really) I keep wondering why. What do you think?

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