Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Even Once In A Blue Moon

LJ Vintage Ads 
So here we are, the women of the future. Right? It's been about 45 years since this ad appeared and that's plenty of time.

Time for us to get our false eyelashes on. Time to paint our nails a shade of pale lunar blue (I really like that nail polish, by the way), put on a protective plastic wimple and mask, and take off. Bang zoom, to the moon, Alice! And make sure you pack a few dishrags before you bang zoom.

But it's 2012, and no one's gone up to give the moon a good cleaning. What have we been thinking? There's the Tomorrow's Lestoil, after all. Although taking a single bottle to clean the whole of the moon may not be enough.

I guess the idea was that we'd all be living on the moon by now - The Future - and there would be all sorts of housecleaning going on. Lots of scrubbing opportunities.  So if any gentlemen would care to scrub - either on the moon or here - I really think we ought to make them feel welcome. Equal plastic wimples and Lestoil Liberation for all, I say.

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