Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Swallow Doesn't Make Soup Summer

"For every cold summer meal needs one good hot dish..."

Um, actually no. It does not. Not necessarily. Is that peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the middle there crying out for a bowl of scorchingly hot tomato soup to stand under? I think not!

It's been a long hot summer and I'm about ready for autumn. I don't know about you but going out to walk/run when the air feels like it's been boiled in a pot is not fun. My brain works better when it's cold. Also I love cardigans. And if you like baking, it's really much better as an experience when it's cold out. Even with the air conditioning on.

So when I came across this 1963 ad I was bitterly amused by the way summer is linked in such a  - well, such a red (as in red hot!) way, with....soup. Big gigantic bowls of steamingly hot soup. Bowls that make those little cold sandwiches look very nondescript (and that they are, actually) and unimportant.

Campbell's says in the teeny text at the top that this big bowl of soup will make us feel good. It will not. It will make us feel hot. Bothered. Sloshingly full of hot, hot liquid. Now a cold vichysoisse or a cold blueberry soup I can understand. Chilled cucumber soup, even. They are lovely in the summer. But not these. Never these. Sorry, Campbell's. Come back in October and we'll talk, OK?

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Marcheline said...

I'm totally with you on the non-summery-ness of hot soup. However. I would like to point out that it's a great improvement for the food in any vintage advert to look like actual food, and not something one would find in a classic horror film!

That being said, here are the sandwiches that I would pair with the featured soups:

1. Alphabet soup - served with a roast beef sandwich on French bread.

2. Tomato soup - served with a grilled cheese sandwich on toast.

3. Chicken noodle soup - no sandwich required... just drizzle a beaten egg into it as it cooks, and top with grated parmesan cheese.

Egads, I can't WAIT for autumn!!!