Friday, August 3, 2012

Wonderbar Tonight

Well, this sounds perfect. It really does. Except I kind of wish it would pour the drinks, too. It's been that kind of a week. At least it is Friday, and that's something.

But if a Servel Electric Wonderbar showed up at the door today, I would totally invite it in.  And given that it has wheels and can make ice cubes, chill drinks and serve snacks, I don't doubt that it could easily hop on a train and find its way here.

It is basically a hotel mini-bar on wheels, but without the expensive contents. Those hotel mini bars are so enticing, but then afterwards you really regret spending $5 for a teeny bottle of rum or a candy bar. But you can stock your Wonderbar full of cheap stuff and not have to worry about that. Brilliant. No wonder the people in the ad all look so happy!

The Wonderbar clearly moved the copy writer to wax poetic, calling it Silent as a Moonbeam. Perhaps he was inspired by the contents, who knows - there is, after all, a Party Full in there.

The Wonderbar came out in 1953 and I'm not sure if it was made for very long because both images are from that year. I wish they still made them, though.

The bad-pun title (and you know I love those bad pun titles) is from the Eric Clapton song "Wonderful Tonight," which has nothing to do with portable retro minibars.


Marcheline said...

Ah, my little Wonderbar, it's only Friday for those who don't work on the weekends.... sigh.... gorgeous ad! Great post!

Grandy said...

It does all but POUR the drinks? We must work on THAT machine. :)

Happy Friday!!