Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A New Aspic

The title of the recipe given in this 1960 ad is "Fabulous Aspic." But it was not fabulous. Oh no.

It was new, though.

Really, ketchup mixed with lemon (or lime) juice, Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar, jelled in a mold? No, no, ketchup (or catsup), however you spell it, has no business being in close proximity to gelatin.

The shrimp, the hard boiled egg, the olives and the avocado are welcome to stay. But please, Del Monte, please take your Fabulous Aspic far away and leave it there.

And please do not involve the delicious cold boiled shrimp, or any of its friends there on the - block of something that is supposed to be out in the - is it a rain forest? A terrarium? Wherever. They do not deserve to  be mixed into the aspic (which is what you suggest at the bottom of the ad).

We'll just pretend this never happened, OK?


vanilla said...

The flavor secret of catsup/ketchup is that it can be used to mask the flavor of almost anything else.

Dieter Moitzi said...

The shrimps are perhaps meant to attract some weird lizards, and the aspic meant to make them stick on it so that you can kill them off more easily? Than it would definitely be a terrarium in the background. Otherwise, like you, I haven't got the foggiest what all these things could do together. Or maybe someone has invited his mother-in-law, whom he secretly loathes?

jennyfer black said...

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