Friday, September 7, 2012

Eyeglasses That Save Scholars' Dollars

September - among other things - tends to mean, for a lot of us, Back to School, either for us and/or for our kids. You start thinking about getting organized and getting in lots of school supplies. And as much as I love buying new notebooks and pens (for all my new beginnings as a writer!) I also start thinking about glasses.

Because, honestly, all the new books and paper and pens in the world aren't going to do me - or lots of other people whose eyes are not perfect - any good if I can't see them, right? My grandmother couldn't get going in the morning without putting on her eyeglasses, which were just like the ones the 1913 gentleman on your left is sporting. I guess he's talking on the phone about writing and reading, because I am not sure he actually needs them to chat. He looks organized and busy, though. Just the way I look and feel when I have my modern glasses on!
Anyway, Zenni Optical is able to bring you all kinds of modern prescription glasses for amazing prices because they have cleverly eliminated both the middleman and overhead. So you can find stylish glasses that are also health-giving - two pluses for the price of one. I remember how great it felt to actually be able to see the board in school when I was 7 and got my first glasses. I still appreciate my latest glasses as much as I did those first oval tortoiseshell-framed glasses. Now I just need to get down to my writing like Hugh de St Cher, the 13th century French Dominican scholar and author, who is on your right On an unrelated note, he seems to be wearing the medieval version of my sunhat, which goes with his glasses very nicely, I think.

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Marcheline said...

I agree with you about glasses, but I believe in living a piece of the past. I wear a pair of vintage 1950's cat eye glasses (my optician put my prescription lenses into them in less than an hour)... and I love them so much I just never seem to wear contact lenses any more.

I've actually got a pair of gorgeous American Optical (same brand as your ad) cat eye glasses for sale right now in my online store... you should some and SEE!