Thursday, October 11, 2012

Green Sheep of the Family

I think this guy is the Jolly Green Giant's cranky little cousin. The one who is always ruining the Giant's jolly family get-togethers by running around the canned-pea-laden dinner table and giving everyone what-for. His name, we have learned from this wondrous ad (and thanks yet again to LiveJournal Vintage Ads for it) is Mr. Stomach Upset. He is the Green Sheep of the family, no doubt about it.

Anyway, if only Pam the Model Wife had just looked down - doesn't she wonder who is making all that noise under the table? - she would have seen Mr. Stomach Upset and his little abdominal pitchfork.  And all she had to do was pour him a little glass of Pepto Bismal. I'm sure it would have made him feel a little better. Especially after eating all those Canned Pea Casseroles over at Cousin Jolly Green's.

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