Thursday, October 11, 2012

School Car Zones and Rocket Pencil Cases

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I remember how exciting it was for me back in the 1960s to get my school supplies at the end of the summer, often at Woolworth’s - just as this 1953 ad suggests. I particularly like the very snazzy Rocket Pencil Case, a bargain at 49 cents. If only we could have actually taken a rocket to school - so much more exciting than walking, which is what we did. Mind you, I liked the walk.

Nowadays most kids are driven to school. conducted a survey of parents in Ontario and Alberta whose children are between 4 and 14. If you have school age children, I urge you to check
out Insurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zones - it’s really enlightening. Did you know, for example, that more than 75% of these parents have seen drivers flouting the traffic laws and driving unsafely in school zones? Parents also worry that their child or children might be endangered by these drivers. What are the drivers doing? Anything from talking on their cell phones, to not stopping for crossing guards - even driving straight through red lights.

Unfortunately, schools often don’t communicate with parents
about drop-off/pick-up areas, which often are crowded and unregulated. And nearly ⅔ of parents drive their children to school, which contributes to overcrowding and, potentially, more accidents. Carpooling is one way to help solve this problem, though most parents say they don’t tend to do this. I found this especially compelling, because it was absolutely my experience when my kids were young. We always walked to school, but were definitely in the minority. There was even a special Walk To School Day every year, to encourage walking, but it didn’t actually change the number of cars crowding around at the end of each day, trying to squeeze in and out of what was a really small parking lot. You had to watch very carefully to get through the masses of cars and people safely. Fortunately, there were no accidents during our years there.

All of this is well worth learning about - and thinking about, too. So do check out the Ontario School Zone Safety Survey and lots of useful information about cars and auto insurance in general by visiting

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