Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Search For Delicious Soup

This 1937 advertisement leans heavily on the endorsement of a restauranteur and cookbook author of the era named George Rector - possibly Colonel Saunders' long lost uncle - to sell its soup. It also cleverly uses the adjective Delicious. It is Phillips Delicious Soup. And it comes in "12 Delicious Varieties." Therefore it is full of excellence!

George Rector had a radio show called "Dine With George Rector" (you know what was probably on the menu) and was the son of Charles E. Rector of Rector's Oyster House in Chicago and the famous New York City restaurant, Rector's. This 1908 menu from Rector's starts with "Grape Fruit" and martinis and oysters and ends up with something called Omelette Soufflée on [sic] Chocolat. There is a soup but it is only a consommé. Sadly, it is not Phillips Delicious Southern Chicken Gumbo or Noodle With Chicken.

George Rector played himself in the 1937 Mae West movie, Every Day's A Holiday. The link goes to the original trailer, which is quite amusing. Nothing about George, alas, but it does feature a lot of middle-aged actors ("Her Five Musketeers") and of course the fabulous Mae, who is "Blonde for Gentlemen!" and "Brunette For Fun!" and wears enormous feathered headpieces or hats in almost every scene. I hope George brought along plenty of Delicious Soup for everyone.

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Mae West NYC said...

• • On 14 October 1937 • •
• • Members of the news media in Los Angeles received a press invitation to "Mae West and Friends" for George Rector's afternoon tea, from 5 to 7. This event took place on Thursday, 14 October 1937 at Major Studios, which was located here in 1937: 1040 N. Las Palmas.
• • Mae appeared with restaurateur George Rector in the motion picture "Every Day's a Holiday." The set was built to look like the inside of Rector's once located in the Times Square area. Mae said that her parents had taken her to dine there when she was a little girl. The dignified restaurant owner stayed busy in his retirement years; he went on to produce best selling cookbooks.
• • • • From my MAE WEST BLOG, Lidian dear, here: