Friday, November 9, 2012

Shoe Sole Asylum

Avonite Soles are slippery smooth
And made of synthetics, not leather;
They are 50s perfection in every way
And slide fearlessly into bad weather.

And every customer grins with delight
To behold this shoe-rific exhibit,
As if they'd been given a cake stuffed with gold
Or a prize-winning lottery ticket.

Yes, women in hats and young fellows in suits
Whose lives must be sparse on excitement
Are totally thrilled by a shoe sole held up
By a salesman who's bent on enticement;

And even a baby (whom you will agree
Lives a life that just borders on boring)
Is laughing and clapping and making it seem
Like she is enraptured, adoring

An afternoon spent making eyes at these soles;
So would you like these Avonite jewels?
You can, if you shop while dressed up to the nines
And as long as you follow these rules:

Make sure that you only go into Good Stores
For Bad Stores will only confuse;
And as soon as you get to a Good Store, insist
That you only will look at New Shoes.

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