Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Recurring Pream

So here we have the Coffee Mate of the 1950s - or one of them, anyway, I'm sure there were others but I'm not going to go look it up right now, I'm on such a roll writing this I don't want to stop...The term Pream is, I guess, what Lewis Carroll called a portmanteau word - Powdered + Cream = Pream. I get it. And I also get that you can put it in coffee. That's all right with me, and it's all right with the tiny disembodied gal in the upper left hand corner there. That is Sally Ross. She is the Pream Home Economist - the Betty Crocker of Powdered Coffee Addenda.

But Sally is actually going a little bit loopy up there in the corner. Her excuse is that she is telling us "why Pream is a joy to cook with, too!"

Uh oh. Cook with? Are you serious, Sally?

She is. She wants us to put it in Cream Sauce. That would make it Pream Sauce, right? And also Sally tells us that it is a joy to put Pream in gravy, to make it smooth. And hey, why not stick some in the tomato soup too - it will make it creamier. Or Pream-ier. And Sally has cooked up a whole "Recipe Folder" of this sort of strangeness that she wants to send to you and me. Over here at you can see a 1956 Pream ad from Collier's (this ad is from 1955) which features (down at the bottom) a strange, black-and-white mess of a photo that claims to be Eggs à la Pream with Never Lump White Sauce - which is possibly one of the most off-putting recipe names I've ever seen.

Thanks but no thanks, Sally.


Shay said...

I will need to go look for it, but somewhere I have instructions for making a flamethrower out of PVC pipe and Cremora.

Marcheline said...

Just... ew! 8-)

Delia Jean Streefkerk said...

This stuff persisted at least through the 1980s, because I found a can of in my church's kitchen one morning when I was helping set up the brewing coffee for Bible study. I totally cracked up when I saw "PREAM" on a can, because it just sounded like the silliest brand name ever. Say that a few times: Pream, Pream, Pream. It's not euphonic (a pleasing sound) in any way!