Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkeys On Parade

There's a lot of things I associate with Thanksgiving: the turkey dinner at my aunt and uncle's house, the after-dinner walk to the park to feed the ducks at the duck pond, and, when I was really little, the traditional attempt on my part to go for a swim with said ducks (P.S. I didn't get very far, thanks to my mother's firm grip on the situation).

But one thing I don't think of during Thanksgiving is underwear.

This year, however, I am pondering this wonderfully ridiculous ad from 1952 and trying to figure out how someone came up with this - err - concept.

A dad and his son, both attired in silly, politically-incoreect headgear - and Carter's underwear - are going out hunting. Presumably for turkey. But they are being led by a turkey! Who is also wearing Carter's underwear. And who is using a poultry lacer as a baton. Poultry lacers - I recognized this thing but I had to go look up what the official name was - are used, as you probably know, to truss up a turkey before you roast it. Why oh why is the turkey joking around with that thing?

I can't think of a good scenario that fits this picture, can you? It is startling though. Hard to forget. I guess that was good for Carter's. I'm not sure it was so good for the turkey, though.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you do happen to see any turkeys wandering around in their underwear, do not follow them.

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