Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Racy Pudding

GUINNESS looks, tastes and is different from other malt beverages. It is dry, racy - hearty and nourishing!

Well, yes, Santa does look like he could use something dry and racy. Maybe even hearty and nourishing. A lot of us can relate to this, especially after a day of shopping for last-minute holiday stuff.

You'll notice that there are no parents in this picture. That's because they are hiding on the other side of the escalators. They would probably like a Guinness, too. I can also see what looks like the bottom of a bottle sticking out of Santa's sack. So perhaps Santa has already had a Guinness, which would explain the extreme redness of his face.

And yet it has not really helped, has it? Santa, you need to go to a nice quiet bar or restaurant for the Guinness to work its dry, racy magic.

At the bottom of this 1947 ad, they tell us that if we send away for the "Story of Guinness" pamphlet, we can also score a nice Christmas Pudding recipe that (no doubt) is also - like Santa wishes he was - brimming with Guinness.

The Guinness folks have posted the recipe on their site, here, only you have to be Of A Certain Age to enter the site. You need a half pint of Guinness to make two puddings, anyway, so I guess you could just use your own recipe and substitute Guinness for the brandy or rum. And if you make it early enough, you can leave a plateful out for Santa. He'll definitely appreciate it.

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Amanda said...

If I had to put up with as much as Santa, I could use a pint or ten.