Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Recipe For Uncanny Excitement

Promo codes are also great, but are not in cans
Are you looking for some streamlined improvements in your everyday life? Maybe for the New Year you'd like to save time and money, and all that sort of thing. Well, back in 1950 you had the opportunity to make "quick beef or pork meals with Fresh Cooked flavor" by buying a few of the cans on the right. And whether you got the Beef or the Pork or the Wieners, you also got Mild Barbecue Sauce in a little plastic pouch. Did people actually eat these? And if so, did they ever use them in any sort of meal that didn't consist of meat plonked on a piece of white bread?

Well, yes, they did, according to this ad. In the small print it is suggested that you make the Can O'Meat even more "exciting" by mixing it with spaghetti or canned creamed corn. One can only hope that mixing the Can O'Meat with both spaghetti and creamed corn was ultimately just too exciting for anyone to contemplate, and that it was never attempted.

Modern shortcuts are usually a whole lot better than this, and this applies not only to things in cans but stuff online too, where you can whip up a tasty new domain for yourself by using some nice fresh Godaddy Promo Codes - never canned, and never accompanied by Sacks O'Sauce. For example, you can get a 99 cent .com domain name from now until January 3rd (the code is cjc99d) - and there are plenty more like it over at the link. You can enjoy dishing up some rather delicious savings over there. And you'll be glad to know that the canned creamed corn is strictly optional.

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Shay said...

A sack o' sauce in a can o' meat...

There's something rather tawdry and pornographic about that sentence. I'll bet the boys in the composing room really went to town with it.