Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Shoe Christmas

...Watch his eyes light up when you give a Roblee Shoe Gift Certificate...

Yes, that does sound like fun. Who doesn't want to get a Shoe Gift Certificate for Christmas? Well, maybe the creepy little Santa-in-the-Box, for one. He doesn't have any feet. I think. Which is why he is giving those super shiny shoes a look of wide-eyed horror. Maybe he can see his reflection in them. That would explain the look.

But it wouldn't explain the shoes. I am also wondering why the guy already has the shoes if he only just received the Shoe Gift Certificate. Did Santa somehow conjure up those shoes? Seems unlikely.

The gift tag that Santa is holding is also giving out a little side eye. To a drawing of another Jack-in-the-box. Lots of silent commentary going on here. And the guy wearing the shoes just has no idea.

But do you know why the Roblee Shoes Gift Certificate was such a great idea? Aside from the obvious reason that everyone loves shoes that look like they were made of black licorice that has been varnished. The answer lies in this 1939 ad for Roblee Shoes on your right, which has one of the best taglines ever: because they are shoes that make a man proud to stick out his feet.

No matter how many people trip over those feet on the train, in the office, or at home - whether they are waiters carrying trays of drinks in restaurants or innocent relatives trying to get to the presents under the Christmas tree - that Roblee-shod guy is going to be sticking his feet out because....Because those shoes are so darn fabulous. Best excuse for being passive aggressive and annoying, ever.

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