Monday, December 31, 2012

Elaborate Snow Hats and the Serpentine Confetti Girls

Do you have absolutely everything you are going to need to celebrate New Year's Eve?

Do you have the right kind of hats? You need to have some Flat Crepe hats around. Also Metallic Cardboard Hats. And Metallic Hi-Hats that spell out "1952" on the front (you can just change that to 2013).  It would also be hilarious to offer your guests both "head size" hats and miniature sombreros.

Most importantly, you'll need Elaborate Snow Hats. If your Snow Hats are just the basic kind, you will probably want to upgrade to the Elaborate type. Because this is an evening for breaking out the fanciest cheap novelty hats (and other things) that you can! Team your Elaborate Snow Hat with a Fluffy American Lei for maximum fashion impact.

Metallic horns, both fringed and unfringed, are a nice addition to the party. Also Large Metal Noisemakers that will alert all the neighbors to the fact that you are the most fun people on the block. The Noisemaker Assortment includes Crickets, Blow-Outs, and Sirens - 500 of them to the carton. That is a lot of noise.

Library of Congress
For those of you not on a coast, the Midwest Noisemaker Assortment is guaranteed "All Large Pieces." There are 1000 noisemakers in the Midwest Assortment cartons, so those of us on the East or West Coasts will be listening out for you.

Finally, please make sure that you have enough Serpentine Confetti on hand. The Sennett Girls on the left are demonstrating how we ought to enjoy Serpentine Confetti. These Girls, as you probably know, are the Mack Sennett bathing beauties of silent film fame. I am taking this image as my model for all New Year's Eve celebrations from now on, by the way. The Sennett Girls know how to party, that's for sure.

This advertisement, by the way, is from 1951 and comes straight out of my favorite source of tacky novelty ads from the past, Billboard. Here's wishing you all a very very Happy New Year - I hope you have as much fun as the Sennett Girls tonight. And may your 2013 be as fabulous as the most fabulous Elaborate Snow Hat of 1951.

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