Monday, December 17, 2012

Improve Your Highballs

She went stepping last night, all right. Stepping around in high heels. Stepping up to the bar to order more and more highballs. Highballs, by the way, are drinks in tall glasses consisting of some hard liquor plus a lot of mixer - rum and Coke, scotch and soda,  vodka and tonic.

Anyway, this gal is pretty happy about the stepping and the slurping that went on last night. That's because she asked for something special to be put in those highballs.

I guess you'd like to know what that was. I mean, How Does She Do It? How does she manage to carry six wrapped boxes full of - I don't know what's in there. Index cards, encyclopedias, new dresses, more high heels? Who knows. And she definitely won't be smiling when she tries getting on the bus, but that's another story, I suppose.

Anyway, what she did was tell the bartender to mix those highballs ("improve them," as this 1941 ad says) with - you guessed it! - White Rock Sparkling Water. And she drank some more White Rock at home before she crashed. And then more again in the morning. Stayed hydrated. That's good, we all know about that. But you can't drink any old water! No sir. It must be sparkling White Rock. Then you can carry a whole pile of stuff and not even a cartoon cloud can get in your way.

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