Monday, December 10, 2012

O Cheesedip Tree

From the estimable LiveJournal Vintage Ads group comes this amazing little party idea that first appeared in 1967. A fairly solid cheese dip is shaped into a cone and then inundated - besieged  - by Bugles corn chips. Also Whistles and Daisies, because these corn chips were so prevalent back then that they came in more than one shape.

Some of them have actually climbed up the sides of the cheese dip tree - these are "candles" made from Whistles with pimento bits hanging out of the tops, to simulate flames. And there are a few Daisies up on the top, surveying their surroundings. They seem to be in a pine forest, near a strange bubbling yellow lake that has orange slices floating on top.

If you wanted a coupon for these things you had to go hunting in the Hostess Holiday Book which was stuck in "special sacks" of Gold Medal Flour. Not just the regular sacks of Gold Medal. They wanted to make sure you really, really intended to Happy Up Your Holidays with a cheese dip tree. Although ideally, if you were going through with it,  you wouldn't want to overthink it too much.

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Lisa said...

I've never heard of whistles and daisys...I wonder if they're still around? How am I supposed to properly trim my trim a tree dip with only ONE variety of corn chip? :)