Friday, December 28, 2012

Some Holiday Typing

So I've been thinking a lot about my blogs and where I want to go with them in the New Year - though to tell you the truth, I haven't really decided anything beyond knowing that I'd like to at least keep up Kitchen Retro and maybe update the others less regularly, but sometimes. 2013 is going to mark 5 years of Kitchen Retro (can you believe it? I can't) - I might just rewrite my very first post from January 2008, just for fun. It had no advertisement images in it because I didn't know how to put images into a blog post back then!

I'm really looking forward to writing more - online and offline - in the New Year, just like the boy who has just received a typewriter for Christmas. This is a detail from a 1940 ad for (guess what) Royal typewriters, entitled "Give Your Child A CAREER For Christmas" (big version here, if you want to see).In a way this sums up what I love about writing about old ads - part of me finds them incredibly amusing, but sometimes I also think: that looks really nice, or: I get that. And I do remember being pretty excited about getting a typewriter when I was a kid. Not that I sat right down by the tree and started on A CAREER or anything. And my parents weren't sitting beaming while I pounded out long boring stories and bad poems at my desk. But still.

Anyway, maybe this will be the year that I buy myself a domain outside of Blogger and do some different kinds of writing online. If I do that, I will definitely look into saving some money with things like the Justhost coupon code - there are all sorts of great deals online. I didn't know that - that there are sites where you can browse around to find deals on domain hosting. Now I can add this bit of knowledge to that concerning pasting image into posts. Wonder what else I will learn in 2013?

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