Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Worst Kept Flavor Secret of 1960

I guess this was bound to happen sometime, after almost 5 years and over 1000 posts (can you believe it? I can't, but that's what my dashboard says). I wrote this whole post, all the while having a strange feeling of deja vu. And guess what? I actually wrote about this ad here. Behold the power of gelatin! Not such a New Aspic after all, are you? I'll probably post again pretty soon, because it's Only Right, but this is what I've got for now...

While I'm getting together some astonishing retro holiday ads, let's ponder the culinary arcana that went into this seemingly innocent gelatin mold from 1960. It is called, apparently, Fabulous Aspic.

It has no disturbing chunks. It does not look like an aquarium. And it is not a color "out of nature." All good qualities, if you must enter into the world of jellied things.

But of course, like many seemingly good and normal characters in mystery novels, it has a dark side. A secret. To be precise - a Flavor Secret. And that secret is the ingredient called one and a quarter cups of ketchup. That is a ridiculous amount of ketchup. Or catsup. However you spell it, it's too much.

And if the Fabulous Aspic wants to keep its strange, dark side well hidden, it is doing a terrible job of it. It is standing right next to the ketchup bottle that gave it its je ne sais quoi. Although it is sort of trying to hide behind the shrimps. I see you, Fabulous Aspic!

What is worse, the ketchup bottle also has a secret that it gives away at the bottom of the ad. And that secret is pineapple vinegar. Thanks for sharing, everybody. And if the pineapple vinegar has a flavor secret too, I really don't want to know.

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The Homicidal Homemaker said...

Would you mind sharing the recipe for this? It sounds terrible...I totally want to make it.